How to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor – An Easy Guide

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Paintball is a sport in which players shoot each with paintballs using paintball guns and the compressed air stored in the tank connected with the gun. When the player pulls the trigger, the compressed air thrusts the paintballs to the target. From this, you can understand that the gas inside the tanks will never last, so you will have to take a break from the game to refill it. 

Many beginners do not know “how to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor?” So they consider it a grueling task. If you are new, you can take help utilizing an air compressor to refill the gas in the air tank of your paintball gun without seeking the technical assistance of professionals. Filling a paintball marker’s air tank is quite similar to pumping air inside the air tube of a bicycle. 

Refilling the air tank of paintball guns involves multiple steps that need to be done properly. In this article, we will give the right method to accomplish that task effortlessly.

Can you refill a paintball tank with an air compressor?

A paintball tank is simply a pressurized tank with a regulator (as in a gas regulator) that regulates the pressure leaving the tank. The tank is filled to high pressure (3000-4500psi), and then the regulator brings it down to around 800psi for use in a paintball gun. Air compressors are designed to pump air into a tank until it reaches maximum pressure, then shut off. When you need more compressed air, they turn back on and pump some more air into the tank.

How to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor

The two items are not compatible with each other. An air compressor can fill up your paintball tank to high pressures. As soon as you start letting that air out of your paintball tank (by firing your gun), your tank will become depressurized. It will cause an imbalance in the system that could cause damage to your compressor or even yourself if you’re not careful. Still, you can use an air compressor to refill the paintball air tank by following the correct method mentioned below.

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Can you use a regular tire compressor for refilling a paintball tank?

The answer is both yes and no. You can refill your tank with an air compressor, but it depends on the tank type. Most paintball tanks require a 4500 PSI or higher compressor to fill the tank properly, which means you need to compress the air very quickly for it to be able to reach that high of a pressure. If you have an HPA (High-Pressure Air) tank, you can use a regular compressor like the one used to fill your car tires. However, if you have a CO2 tank, then no, you cannot refill it with a regular compressor.

What type of tank is in your paintball gun?

The type of paintball tank you have will determine whether or not it is possible to fill it up with an air compressor. If your tank has a pin valve, you can use an air compressor to fill it up. But if your tank has a rotational collar, it is not compatible with an air compressor. There are two types of paintball tanks, CO2 and HPA.

CO2 tanks: These tanks use carbon dioxide as a propellant for paintballs. They have a much higher chance of bursting when filled with an air compressor, so do not use an air compressor to fill this type of tank unless you want to lose your fingers.

HPA tanks: High-pressure air tanks can be filled with an air compressor. You will need the proper adapter depending on the type of tank you have to attach your tank to the air compressor and fill it appropriately.

If you are not sure whether or not you have a CO2 or HPA tank, look at the valve on the top, if it says CO2, then it is a CO2 tank, and you should not use an air compressor to fill it up. If it says HPA/N2/Compressed Air, it is an HPA tank, and you can use an air compressor to fill it up.

How to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor at home: Step by Step

For refilling your paintball air tanks with an air compressor, you need to attach your tank with your air compressor. Make sure the tank is compatible with the air compressor. Connect the air compressor with a hose and fill the tank up to 3,000 psi. You should wear safety glasses while doing any of these steps.

For more details on how to refill a paintball tank, please go through the following steps:

  1. Attach your paintball tank with your air compressor.
  2. Turn on your air compressor by pressing the start button.
  3. Connect the quick disconnect hose with your tank and start filling up to 3000 psi or until it shuts off automatically.
  4. Turn off your air compressor and remove the quick disconnect hose from the tank after shutting off automatically.
  5. Now, you can use your paintball gun to play as per your requirement.

Final Words

You can not shoot paintballs when the paintball gun’s air tank is exhausted. Ultimately, you need to refill it to make your gun able to shoot pellets once again. Mostly, people are unaware of “how to fill an air tank with a compressor.” Just follow the steps above if you want to refill the air in the paintball tank safely and correctly. Hopefully, this detailed article on “how to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor?” will help you do that at your home.

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