How To Make A Paintball Gun – (Guide 2022)

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Paintball is a fun and exciting sport with a growing audience worldwide. To play this game, one must have paintball sports gear, especially a paintball gun. Among all the equipment, paintball markers are expensive, making it difficult for beginners to get started with this sport. 

If you are a beginner and can not afford a paintball gun, you do not have to put behind your passion for paintball. You can make a paintball gun at home with easily accessible items. In this post, we will guide you on how to make a paintball gun at home.

How to make a Paintball Gun: Step by Step

Making a paintball gun is something you can effortlessly do. You can do that to save money from buying it at the store. Additionally, you can make these guns a hobby if you have a flair for creativity.  Here are the steps to build your paintball gun.

Step 1: Get Everything You Need 

You can buy all items separately or get a kit with everything already assembled. If you choose to buy everything yourself, make sure that each component fits together correctly before putting it together permanently. The following parts are needed for a paintball gun:

  • PVC Pipe
  • Barrel
  • Trigger mechanism
  • The Receiver
  • A spring system
  • Air tank or CO2 tank (optional)
  • Regulator or gauge, if you use CO2 gas as propellant (optional)

Step 1: Create The Barrel

The barrel is the most crucial part of a paintball gun. It determines how accurate you will be and how far your paintballs will go. The best barrels are made of aluminum, but they are expensive. You can use a hollowed-out piece of PVC pipe as your barrel. If you are using a PVC pipe, ensure that it is rigid enough so that it will not bend when you shoot it at someone.

Step 2: Make The Frame

The frame holds all the other parts together and keeps them from falling apart during shooting. You can make your frame by using aluminum wire and bending it into shape or buying one from an online store. Ensure that your frame is sturdy enough to withstand multiple shots without breaking. Use a metal drill bit to create holes in the sides of each piece of metal wire before bending it into shape with pliers or vice grips.

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Step 3: Built Your On Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism allows you to fire your gun and shoot paintballs at targets. To make things easier, you can buy a pre-made trigger mechanism. You can also build your trigger mechanism using a variety of different materials. To make it on your own, follow these steps:

  • First, cut out two pieces of plywood or MDF that are about 5 inches wide by 3 inches long. 
  • Let dry completely after gluing them together with wood glue. 
  • Next, take two more pieces of plywood/MDF and glue them together, so they form a box shape that is about 4 inches by 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall (roughly). 
  • After letting this dry, ultimately, you will want to drill two holes into each side of the box that connects the front.

Step 4: Make Gun’s Barrel

Cut two pieces of PVC pipe with a diameter equal to the sich you want to cut your barrel. Drill holes on the ends of these two pieces to fit snugly onto the end of your gun’s receiver. Hot glue them together until any air leaks are completely sealed off.

Step 5: Built Paintball Gun Receiver 

Take one piece of PVC pipe and cut it in half down its length so that it is easier to work with. Then take one half and drill out four holes at each end, but do not make them too big, or else they will fall off when you shoot your gun. Additionally, the holes should be wide enough to fit over the screws on either end of the receiver but not too big so that they will fall off when fired.

Step 6: Assemble All Parts Together

You are ready to assemble all of your parts. These steps will guide you well

  • Assemble the barrel and the cocking assembly.
  • Insert the Barrel Seal into the rear of the breech section and screw it in with an Allen wrench (or Phillips head screwdriver).
  • Slide the barrel seal forward until it stops against the rear of the breech section.
  • Assemble your bolt onto your gun by placing it over your cocking assembly, ensuring that the bolt guide is facing down towards your grip frame. 
  • You will notice a small hole in the middle of your cocking rod which should align with a similar hole in your bolt guide when they are properly aligned with each other.
  • Place spring on top of each end of your cocking rod, and then place another spring over both springs to form a ‘U’ shape, with one end going into each spring. 
  • The two springs should be pointing away from each other and towards you when looking at them from above, like two arrow tips pointing at each other from opposite ends of an arrow shaft. 
  • Make sure that one end of each spring has its eyelet facing down towards like pureapk.

Step 7: Test The Fire

Now that everything is put together, you can test the fire. It makes your paintball gun work properly. Check that there are no leaks in the barrel or anywhere else. After that, fill your tank with air and seal it with a screwdriver or something similar. If you do not have an air tank, use a pressurized container like a CO2 cartridge or compressed air from an air compressor.

Pull the trigger slowly and listen to any whistling sounds inside the barrel or around your trigger mechanism. If you hear whistling sounds, you leak somewhere. Remove the screwdriver or whatever you have been using to seal the tank, and replace it with something else. It should seal up any leaks and allow you to use your paintball gun without worrying about leaks.

How To Make A Paintball Gun


Making your own paintball gun without spending a fortune is not a difficult thing to do. We have provided a general overview of how to make a paintball gun with readily available materials. All it takes is a little bit of DIY know-how, which you have got in this article, and the rest will depend on your implementation. 

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