What is ramping in paintball?

what does ramping mean in paintball

What is ramping in paintball? Ramping is the act of firing a paintball at an angle, which causes it to drop vertically. The paintball will then bounce off the ground and continue forward. Players who employ this technique throw off opponents that are more skilled than you. Ramping can also be used as a way to get around obstacles or even as a way to help recover from a paintball hit.

For many tactics and strategies, paintballers use ramping, but it is most commonly associated with “boosting” your team. Boosting is the act of firing your paintball marker at a speedy rate in order to create an audible or visual effect on the field. Teams often use this tactic at tournaments and paintball games, especially when trying to gain an advantage over their opponents.

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What is a ramp mode in a paintball gun?

Ramp mode is a feature on most paintball guns that allows you to change from one firing mode to another quickly. In ramp mode, the gun will fire one shot at a time, where the first shot will fire at least 3x, and the following ones will fire at least 2x as fast. Ramp mode is helpful for players who use multiple shots per second, such as snipers or players who use fast-firing pistols like the PPSH-41 or MP5K.

  • Ramp mode can also be used when playing in a woodsball match, where there are no rules against firing multiple shots per second.
  • It can be handy when shooting at distant opponents who you cannot see clearly because of the brush or tall grass.
  • It allows you to see your targets before they disappear behind trees or over hills, which is especially useful if you have poor sight alignment with your eyesight.

On some paintball guns, ramp mode can be used with a trigger pull sensitivity settings to adjust how quickly the weapon fires its shots: slow first shot followed by rapid follow-up hits (called “ahamot“). Simply put, the ramp mode slows down the speed at which paintballs are shot from the gun’s barrel.

Ramping is legal in some formats but not in others. It comes down to your local field’s policy, as there is no official paintball ruling on whether or not ramping is allowed, so you will have to ask your field if their policy allows for this technique. And if you are worried about them telling you to stop ramping, do not be. 

In most cases, management will remind you that your marker can only be fired at other players and not the environment around them (the walls, bunkers, etc.). But in the end, it is always best to ask before you start screaming in joy while firing away at the walls of your favorite bunker.

What is PSP ramping?

You can enable or activate ramping by shooting rapidly in succession on the PSP. As a result of the ramping mode on the PSP, the marker continues to fire in the ramped level even if you release the trigger.

What is NXL ramping?

NXL Ramping mode increases firing speed after three shots. Holding down the trigger is all that the paintball player needs to maintain a full-auto fire. Keeping your finger on the paintball marker trigger will result in continuous firing.

What is Millennium ramping?

Ramping in Millennium is very similar to that in PSP, except that once you let go of the trigger in a ramped state, it will not resume at that degree. Ramping is deactivated once the trigger is released for even a short period, and you must repeatedly shoot to restart it.

What is ramping in paintball

Final Words

What is ramping in paintball? When it comes to learning and becoming a better paintball player, every little edge you can get bits of help. Not only that, but sometimes being aware of ramping can save your life. You can use ramping as a defensive tactic in some games, so knowing about it will certainly not hurt you—it might even save your life.

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