What to wear for paintball?

What to wear when going paintballing

What to wear for paintball? Paintball is an extreme sport where you can play in a casual dress as long as you are not a professional player. There I do not mean you can play with just jeans and a shirt on. You need to wear protective gear to keep yourself safe in extreme shooting conditions. 

If you are playing this combat sport for the first time, you may be confused about attire for paintball, right. I will give you paintball clothing tips in this post according to years of personal experience. If you want to participate in a professional paintball tournament and worry about what to wear, paintballing, then you are at the right place.


What to wear when going paintballing?

Following paintball wear is necessary when you have to play a competitive game on the paintball field:

1- Paintball Mask

Believe me or not, a paintball mask is a must to wear paintball gear wherever and whenever you go paintballing. Are you wondering about their significance? If you have played paintball before, you know that the paintballs explode after hitting the target, and paint comes out of it, which can sting eyes, hair, and face.

The speed of paintball guns can be above 300 to 350 FPS now. You can imagine if a paintball with that much speed hit your face or head, how painful it would be. If you do not want to experience this pain, then I suggest you wear a good quality mask that is durable and comfortable as well.

2- Paintball Gloves

I always wear paintball gloves when I play paintball because hand skin is one of the most sensitive among the whole body. You should wear paintball gloves to avoid injury because we have to use our hands for every purpose. Not only will these gloves protect your hands from injury, but also you will feel more comfortable compared to playing barehanded. 

3- Paintball Shoes

You can play with everyday shoes, but it is not a professional approach. For example, if you play with your precious party or office-use shoes, they will be worn out in no time. Not only are paintball boots affordable, but they will also last longer than other footwear, making them a cost-effective solution. I suggest you wear socks because they keep your feet calm for better gameplay.

4- Other Gear

It is better to wear the below-given paintball wear, but if you are not going to play professional paintball games, then you can skip them:

  • Paintball Sleeves
  • Jacket for paintball
  • Paintball Pants
  • Paintball Pads

What should you wear for upper body protection?

You can wear paintball goggles, a mask, and a neck protector for upper body protection. For professional play, you should wear all this stuff and ensure that you are using quality products that are durable and comfortable as well. If you do like to put on too much stuff, then you can only wear a paintball mask.

What should you wear for lower body protection?

During paintball tournaments, I used to wear paintball shoes, pants, and a groin guard as clothing for paintball. Never play without a groin guard if you do not want to put yourself in deep waters. It is suggested to wear dedicated paintball pants and boots so that your everyday use shoes and jeans remain well off.

What to wear when you go paintballing in summer?

With all the paintball gear on, it can be quite frustrating to play paintball on the field under the burning sun. You will feel your body temperature go up, and you will be dehydrated due to excessive sweating in a few minutes of play. To counter this scenario, you can wear light clothes such as sleek t-shirts and pants along with forearm sleeves.

Does Paintball Paint wash out?

Many newbies ask this question because they are worried their clothes will get dirty. As far as the question is concerned, paintball paint can be either washable or not, depending on the paintballs being used. So, if you are unsure about that or participating in the paintball tournaments, I recommend you to wear clothes for paintball. If you do not have dedicated paintball clothes, you should wear old or rough attire.

what to wear for paintball

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I hope this article about ‘what to wear for paintball’ has been informative for you. What you wear should be capable enough to protect you from fast-moving paintballs and intense weather. If you are living in a hot area, then try to wear light clothes to keep yourself comfortable on the field.

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